Network Cabling Services

We offer office network cabling and office relacation services for businesses.

Office cable installation services for growing businesses

We help businesses move office cabling in Worksop, Sheffield and Rotherham.

Wiring Infrastructure

For your new construction or upgrade to fiber optics.

Relocating your Business

Including total network, server, workstation, and printer moves.

Facilitation of your Move

Which includes your email, telephony, Internet, and website.

Cabling Schematics

We design a strong foundation for your new network.

With cabling solutions that develop with you, you gain the confidence that comes from knowing your office is supported by a durable IT foundation.

Office cable management plans that are built to last!


Crius Technologies deliver an expert network and cabling solution that will yield high returns on your investment as it adapts to the growing needs of your company. Our team provides money-saving office cable management services that will grow with your company for years to come.

When you need a dependable solution for rack management services, networking & cable equipment, cable moves, office moving, network cabling analysis, office cable management, or structured cabling system design services you can be sure of an affordable solution that works for your company.

A solid structured cabling solution is the clear choice for cabling services you can count on for the entire life of your business. Our office cabling services and office moving solutions are created with your long-term business success in mind.